#136 – DJ Woody

14/05/2020 DJForceX 0

Kicking off my new Friday feature series where I interview fellow DJs. We start today with ‘DJ Woody’. 2 time World Champion DJ, Innovator, Cut […]

#135 – Feuerschwanz

13/05/2020 DJForceX 0

I chat to Captain Hauptmann of the German medieval band ‘Feuerschwanz’ about their new album ‘Das Elfte Gebut’ (The Eleventh Commandment) out on June 26th […]

#134 – hubris.

12/05/2020 DJForceX 0

On todays show I chat to Nathan and Jonathan from the band ‘hubris.’ We talk about their new album ‘Metempsychosis’ (Out Now), their journey so […]

#133 – Bloodhounds

12/05/2020 DJForceX 0

I chat to Joey and James from the band ‘Bloodhounds’ about their current singles ‘Imminent Funk’ and ‘Pit of Snakes’ (Both, out now!) their journey […]

#131 – Disconnected

06/05/2020 DJForceX 0

I chat to Ivan the front man from French metal band ‘Disconnected’ we talk about their latest single ‘Unstoppable’ also their journey so far and […]

#130 – KYROS

05/05/2020 DJForceX 0

I speak to the entire band ‘Kyros’ about their latest single ‘Rumour’, journey so far, and their new forthcoming album! Enjoy!

#128 – Reawaken

03/05/2020 DJForceX 0

I chat to Gill and Joe from the band ‘Reawaken’ about their latest release ‘Restore’ (Out Now) and what they are up to during the […]