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#54 – We Are Carnivores

A fantastic interview with James and Harry from We Are Carnivores who are currently supporting their latest EP ‘Theadores a Don, Bro’ out now! Keep an eye on the UK scene for this trio!


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#53 – Despite

I chat to Andre and Peter from the band Despite about their new album ‘Synergi’ (Out now on Eclipse Records) the scene in Sweden and their plans for world domination!



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#50 – The Lounge Kittens

Hitting the half century with Zan (The Pink One) and Tamia (The Blue One) from The Lounge Kittens we converse about their debut album ‘Sequins and C-Bombs’ which is out now via Self Release/Pledge Music Campaign, getting recognition from the original artists for their work, past tours and forthcoming dates with Status Quo and REO Speedwagon and much more!


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#49 – Allegaeon

I welcome Riley McShane from the metal band Allegaeon to the show. We chat about their forthcoming album ‘Proponent For Sentience’ (Metal Blade Records, 23rd September 2016), metal, high pitch vocals, music videos and much more!


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#48 – Servers

On this weeks episode Server #0187 welcome Server #0002 (Lee Wilde – Bass) from the band Servers. Their 2nd album ‘Everything is OK’ is out now on Undergroove Records. We chat about the album, cultism, old bands, and the plans for Servers ahead!



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#46 – Fire From The Gods

I welcome AJ Channer to the podcast this week, he is the vocalist from the band ‘Fire From The Gods’. We chat about their new album ‘Narrative’ which is out now on Rise Records. Touring, his love for Football (Soccer),  and more!



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#43 – It Lies Within

I welcome Zach to the show from the band ‘It Lies Within’ we chat about touring, hard work, business models in the music industry and they latest album ‘Paramount’ (Out now on Luxor Records)

This is the first episode that is completely unedited.

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#41 – I Think I Broke Something

I welcome Miika from Finish Electronic Punk band ‘I Think I Broke Something’ we chat about the Finnish music scene, electronic music, album plans and their current release ‘Macabre’ (Out now on Jet Set Trash records).



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#40 – MAKE

I welcome Scott (Guitar) and Spencer (Bass) from the band MAKE. We chat about the tribal elements of electronic music, vinyl resurgence, and their latest album ‘Pilgrimage to Loathing’ (Out now on Accident Prone Records) and more.




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#39 – GEARS

I chat to Jimmy the drummer from US based band GEARS. We talk their latest EP “Pride Before The Fall”. Lyric videos, touring and more!



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