#25 – James Rhodes from FiXT

Episode #25

We welcome new sponsors FiXT and speak to one of their co-founders James Rhodes about the journey of the label from when it was formed to now. We also land an exclusive with this episode with a new signing to the label.

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#24 – Jynx and Bury Tomorrow

Episode #24

We welcome the new year with a double header, featuring Jerry, Justin and Xermane from the band Jynx. We chat about their current EP, how they came to be, Beliebers, and what their plans are and more. Also, we have a brief interview with David from Bury Tomorrow where we just have a quick chat about their new album, single and forthcoming tour with Parkway Drive.



#23 – Imagination Movers

Episode #23

On this, the Christmas and End of Year Special, I speak to Scott from the band Imagination Movers. Formerly of the Disney channel; we chat about the formation of the band, why dedicate it to the kids, the Disney years and where they are going next!




#22 – The Qemists

Episode #22

We speak to Liam from the DnB Rock outfit The Qemists about the new album Warrior Sound, the latest single Run You and more!



#21 – Fine Fine Titans

Episode #21

We have Jen and Even from Fine Fine Titans on this episode. We chat about their new album ‘Renaissance’ (Out Now), influences, touring and much much more.



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#20 – Forever Never

Episode #20

In this show I speak to Renny from Forever Never. We chat touring, the new Single ‘One Life’ (Out Now) what he got up to during the bands hiatus and much more!



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#19 – September Mourning

Episode #19

On this show I have a chat with September from the multimedia project September Mourning. We chat about their latest EP, Graphic Novels, Touring with Mushroomhead, Marilyn Manson and more!

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#18 – Celldweller

Episode #18

On this episode we welcome Celldweller, founder of FixT Records (and media) and artist aka Klayton (Circle of Dust) we talk new album ‘End of an Empire’ graphic novels, the music industry and his dislike of touring (Amongst a lot of other topics).

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.

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#17 – Black Lodge

Episode #17

On this episode I speak to Johnny and Nero of the electronic rock band Black Lodge, we chat their latest single ‘Thoughts’ their upcoming debut album and a whole lot more.




#16 – Blue Stahli

Episode #16

Welcome once again to the DJ Force X Podcast, this episode I speak to Bret AKA Blue Stahli about his up coming album ‘The Devil’ (available October 2nd 2015) his life in Arizona and Detroit amongst other things in his career.