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#64 – Mr. Kristopher

28/01/2017 DJForceX 0

I converse with industrial producer/DJ Mr. Kristopher about the new EP ‘Communion’ (Out Now on Jet Set Trash) along with how it was like to […]

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#63 – Xandria

19/01/2017 DJForceX 0

I chat to Steven from Xandria, we converse about the new album ‘Theatre of Dimentions’ (Out via Napalm Records), touring and the 70000 tons of […]

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#62 – Grave Digger

12/01/2017 DJForceX 0

I chat to Chris (Vocals) from Grave Digger as they are about to release their latest album ‘Healed by Metal’ (Out Now Via Napalm Records). […]