#108 – Sydney Fate

I chat to Bailey, Adam and Ieu from ‘Sydney Fate’ they are about to unleash their new album ‘Silicon Nitride’ (Eclipse Records). We converse about that and a whole bunch of other stuff!


#107 – Master Boot Record

I chat to ‘Master Boot Record’ about their new album ‘Floppy Disc Overdrive’ (Out Now on Metal Blade Records), influences, music, we cover our current views on the pandemic and more!



I chat to Ryan from ‘Imonolith’ about their new album ‘State of Being’ (Out Now!) We converse regarding the band forming, what life is like at the moment with the worldwide pandemic and more!


Don Jamieson

#105 – Don Jamieson

I chat to the rather excellent comedian Don Jamieson! (That Metal Show)

We converse about his current comedy album ‘Denim & Laughter’ (Out Not On Metal Blade Records), his love for British heavy metal, his postponed tour with Saxon’s very own Biff Byford and more!



#104 – YES

I chat to Alan White the legendary drummer, of the equally legendary progressive rock band ‘YES’.

We talk about their forthcoming tour, and also when he worked with John Lennon and George Harrison.