#161 – They Called Him Zone

I chat to Mix from ‘They Called Him Zone’. We talk about their new single ‘Die Clean’ and more about their forthcoming album ‘If You’ve Got A Taste For Terror’ (Out September 4th 2020), we cover a few topics including the scene up in Bradford and Leeds, musical process and the lockdown!


#160 – Emmure

I am joined by Frank from Emmure on this episode! We talk about the new Emmure album ‘Hindsight’ (Out 26th June on Sharptone Records), what he’s been up to during the lockdown and more! 


#159 – DJ QBert

I chat to the legendary DJ QBert on this weeks DJ special! We converse on many topics, including his origins, influences, his new material (Wave Twister Origins) and more!

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#158 – The Real DMT

I chat to Rapper/Producer ‘The Real DMT’!

He recently released an EP with DJ Rob Swift called ‘The Cure’ (Out Now on Fat Beats Records). We converse about that and many other topics, including his origin story!


#157 – On Hollow Ground

I chat to Ryan and Jack from the band ‘On Hollow Ground’ they have a new single out called ‘Our Lives’ and a new album ‘Blood is Blood’ (Out July 17th). We also converse on many other subjects like nu-metal, professional wrestling, gardening and more!


#156 – The Lonely Ones

I chat to Jymmy from the rock band ‘The Lonely Ones’ about their transition from being ‘Bobaflex’ to now, their new singles ‘The Lonely One’ & ‘Eternal Sadness’, a new cover song and much more! 


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#155 – CRO-MAGS

My special guest on todays show is Harley Flanagan from the awesome band Cro-Mags. 

We talk all things about the new ‘Cro-Mags’ album ‘In The Beginning’ (out on 19th June). Their first in 20 years!! We also converse about the movie ‘Between Wars’ which Harley was part of and contributed to the soundtrack and more! 


*Photo credit: Laura Lee Flanagan

#154 – Cutmaster Swift

This DJ special I am chatting to the legendary Cutmaster Swift, his origin story, early hip hop and b-boy years, what he’s doing now, and some DJ tech talk also!


#153 – Local H

I have Scott from Local H on my show today! We talk about their new album ‘Lifers’ (Out Now), how I have struggled to catch them at a show, how they are helping smaller venues during quarantine and more!


#152 – Thundermother

I have Guernica Mancini of Thundermother on my show today! We talk about their new album ‘Heat Wave’ (Out July 31st on AFM Records). We converse on other subjects including her career and how she joined Thundermother!