Fear Factory Podcast

#207 – Fear Factory

11/06/2021 DJForceX 0

On the podcast this week is the legendary guitarist Dino Cazares of the equally legendary Fear Factory. We talk about their new album ‘Aggression Continuum’ […]

Ultra Killer Podcast


07/05/2021 DJForceX 0

I welcome Ultrakiller on to the show today, to discuss their new album ‘Death Trap’ (Out Now on JST Records), their origin story, plans ahead […]

Sumo Cyco Podcast

#201 – SUMO CYCO

30/04/2021 DJForceX 0

I have Skye Sweetnam from Sumo Cyco on the podcast this week, they have a new album out on the 7th May called ‘Initiation’ (Out […]

Siamese Podcast

#200 – Siamese

27/04/2021 DJForceX 0

I welcome Mirza from Siamese to the podcast this week for episode #200!!! We talk all things Siamese, their latest music and their forthing coming […]

Belvedere Podcast

#198 – Belvedere

15/04/2021 DJForceX 0

With great pleasure I bring you Steve Rawles of Canadian Punk band ‘Belvedere’ to the podcast this week, we chat about their new singles Good […]