#146 – BPMD

31/05/2020 DJForceX 0

Chatting to the duo of Billy ‘Blitz’ (Overkill) and Mark Menghi from BPMD. Between each of them busting each others chops we talk about their […]


27/05/2020 DJForceX 0

I chat to Diamond from the US Metal band ‘Tetrarch’, we discuss their origin story, new album ‘Unstable’ (Coming Soon!), their current single ‘I’m Not […]

#142 – Trapt

25/05/2020 DJForceX 0

I chat to Chris Taylor Brown from US Rock band ‘Trapt’ about their new album ‘Shadow War’ (Out June 19th) and more.  Enjoy!

#135 – Feuerschwanz

13/05/2020 DJForceX 0

I chat to Captain Hauptmann of the German medieval band ‘Feuerschwanz’ about their new album ‘Das Elfte Gebut’ (The Eleventh Commandment) out on June 26th […]


29/03/2020 DJForceX 0

I chat to Ryan from ‘Imonolith’ about their new album ‘State of Being’ (Out Now!) We converse regarding the band forming, what life is like […]


#104 – YES

04/03/2020 DJForceX 0

I chat to Alan White the legendary drummer, of the equally legendary progressive rock band ‘YES’. We talk about their forthcoming tour, and also when […]

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#55 – Kansas

20/10/2016 DJForceX 0

Yes, you read the title correctly. Original and current member of Kansas Richard Williams! We chat about their first album in 15 years ‘The Prelude […]