#146 – BPMD

Chatting to the duo of Billy ‘Blitz’ (Overkill) and Mark Menghi from BPMD. Between each of them busting each others chops we talk about their new album ‘American Made’ (Out 12th June on Napalm Records). Covering the origin of the band, how they chose the songs to cover and more!



I chat to Diamond from the US Metal band ‘Tetrarch’, we discuss their origin story, new album ‘Unstable’ (Coming Soon!), their current single ‘I’m Not Right’ (Out Now) and more!!


#142 – Trapt

I chat to Chris Taylor Brown from US Rock band ‘Trapt’ about their new album ‘Shadow War’ (Out June 19th) and more. 


#135 – Feuerschwanz

I chat to Captain Hauptmann of the German medieval band ‘Feuerschwanz’ about their new album ‘Das Elfte Gebut’ (The Eleventh Commandment) out on June 26th via Napalm Records.  Check out the current singles ‘Metfest’, ‘Das Elfte Gebut’ and an excellent cover of ‘I See Fire’ (from The Hobbit). 



I chat to Ryan from ‘Imonolith’ about their new album ‘State of Being’ (Out Now!) We converse regarding the band forming, what life is like at the moment with the worldwide pandemic and more!



#104 – YES

I chat to Alan White the legendary drummer, of the equally legendary progressive rock band ‘YES’.

We talk about their forthcoming tour, and also when he worked with John Lennon and George Harrison.


#59 – Famous Last Words

On this episode I chat to JT (Vocals) from the band Famous Last Words about their new album ‘The Incubus’ (Out Now on Revival Recordings) the concept surrounding the album and future plans!


#55 – Kansas

Yes, you read the title correctly. Original and current member of Kansas Richard Williams! We chat about their first album in 15 years ‘The Prelude Implicit’, the industry, how they’ve adapted and more!


#36 – Follow My Lead

I am joined by William, Declan and Danny from the band ‘Follow My Lead’ on this weeks show; We chat about their new album ‘Spit, Kick, Revolt’ (Out Now on InVogue Records!) their roller coaster journey leading up to this album and we touch on some of their plans going forward.




#28 – Victorian Whore Dogs

Episode #28


I welcome Andy and Danny from Victorian Whore Dogs! We chat about the early days (Which included me as their vocalist for a few years) and all the way to today. A new album ‘Afternoonified’ is now available via the bands band camp site now. (both digital and physical copies) check it out!