Comeback Kid Podcast

#227 – Comeback Kid

I am back with the first podcast of 2022! I welcome the most excellent Andrew Neufeld from the equally excellent band ‘Comeback Kid’. We talk about their new album ‘Heavy Steps’ (Out Jan 22nd 2022 via Nuclear Blast), live shows, pinnacle records and more! 



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Living Dead Girl

#184 – Living Dead Girl

On my show this week I have Molly from the Canadian band ‘Living Dead Girl’ we have a chat about their new music (Exorcism & Alive both available across the music platforms now!) what their future holds and more!




I chat to Ryan from ‘Imonolith’ about their new album ‘State of Being’ (Out Now!) We converse regarding the band forming, what life is like at the moment with the worldwide pandemic and more!


#92 – GÖR FLSH

I chat to Raphael, the man behind the industrial synth wave project  GÖR FLSH

Their new album ‘For The Kult’ is out now on Jet Set Trash Records, we chat about that, the Canadian music scene and more!




#61 – ONI

I welcome Jake (Vocals) and John (Xylosynth) from the band ONI to this weeks show! We chat about their new album ‘Ironshore’ (Out Now on Blacklight Media/Metal Blade Records). Also, their current US tour with ‘Children of Bodom’ and the upcoming UK/EU tour with ‘Devil You Know’.

#57 – Van Halst and Fractal Cypher

Another Canadian double header to get your ears around this time from Van Halst in support of their latest album ‘World of Make Believe’ (Out Now) and Simon from Fractal Cypher and their album ‘The Human Paradox’ (Out Now)

#56 – Double Experience

On this episode I chat to Brock from the band Double Experience about their latest album ‘Unsaved Progress’ (Out Now on Colfax Rock), gaming, nerd culture and more!

#51 – Medevil & Chariots of the Gods

A Canadian metal double header in this episode with Eric from Medevil chatting about their new album ‘Conductor of Storms’ (Out Now!) also we chat to Mat and Payem from Chariots of the Gods about their new album ‘Ages Unsung’

#47 – Keychain

We welcome JP from the band Keychain we chat about bringing back Nu-metal, Touring, and their new EP ‘Breaking Out’ which drops on the 2nd September via their website (below) and via all good digital outlets, check them out on their 30 date US tour starting soon (check site for details).


#15 – Richy Nix

This episode I talk to Richy Nix about his new album ‘Fearless’ amongst other things including what studio gear he uses and what his future plans are.