#129 – Allfather / Wretched Empires

I speak to Tom, he is the vocalist for 2 bands: Allfather & Wretched Empires.

We talk all things on both projects including the latest Wretched Empires EP ‘Bloom’ (Out Now)


#124 – KHEMMIS

I chat to Phil from the band ‘Khemmis’ about their new album ‘Doomed Heavy Metal’ (Out Now on Nuclear Blast), influences, Ronnie James Did, artwork, and so much more.


#123 – Theraphosa

I speak to Vincent from the French band ‘Theraphosa’ about their new album ‘Transcendence’ (Out Now on Seasons of Mist), musical influences, gaming and more. 


#111 – Acid Mammoth

I chat to Chris (Vocals) of the Greek Doom outfit ‘Acid Mammoth’. They have an album ‘Under Acid Hoof’ out now on HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS RECORDS.


#94 – Irving Force

I chat to Adam, AKA Irving Force about his fantastic new album ‘Godmode’ (Out on Jet Set Trash), gaming, his Twitch channel and more!


#40 – MAKE

I welcome Scott (Guitar) and Spencer (Bass) from the band MAKE. We chat about the tribal elements of electronic music, vinyl resurgence, and their latest album ‘Pilgrimage to Loathing’ (Out now on Accident Prone Records) and more.