#124 – KHEMMIS

27/04/2020 DJForceX 0

I chat to Phil from the band ‘Khemmis’ about their new album ‘Doomed Heavy Metal’ (Out Now on Nuclear Blast), influences, Ronnie James Did, artwork, […]

#123 – Theraphosa

26/04/2020 DJForceX 0

I speak to Vincent from the French band ‘Theraphosa’ about their new album ‘Transcendence’ (Out Now on Seasons of Mist), musical influences, gaming and more.  […]

#111 – Acid Mammoth

06/04/2020 DJForceX 0

I chat to Chris (Vocals) of the Greek Doom outfit ‘Acid Mammoth’. They have an album ‘Under Acid Hoof’ out now on HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS […]

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#94 – Irving Force

14/07/2018 DJForceX 0

I chat to Adam, AKA Irving Force about his fantastic new album ‘Godmode’ (Out on Jet Set Trash), gaming, his Twitch channel and more! Enjoy!

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#40 – MAKE

16/07/2016 DJForceX 0

I welcome Scott (Guitar) and Spencer (Bass) from the band MAKE. We chat about the tribal elements of electronic music, vinyl resurgence, and their latest album […]