Raging Speedhorn Podcast

#168 – Raging Speedhorn

I speak to Gordon from Raging Speedhorn! We talk about the 20th Anniversary of their self titled debut album. Experiences from back then and what they are up to now! New album on the way, tours next year including dates with Pitchshifter!


#40 – MAKE

I welcome Scott (Guitar) and Spencer (Bass) from the band MAKE. We chat about the tribal elements of electronic music,┬ávinyl resurgence, and their latest album ‘Pilgrimage to Loathing’ (Out now on Accident Prone Records) and more.




#28 – Victorian Whore Dogs

Episode #28


I welcome Andy and Danny from Victorian Whore Dogs! We chat about the early days (Which included me as their vocalist for a few years) and all the way to today. A new album ‘Afternoonified’ is now available via the bands band camp site now. (both digital and physical copies) check it out!